Senior Citizens are fragile and AL-JANNAT will provide the opportunity to rediscover the meaning of life. Many older adults express a strong desire for continuity in their living arrangements, yet often face unsupportive environments. Instead of facilitating older persons’ ability to grow old safely, independently, and with dignity, many settings have instead become a source of the problem itself. AL-JANNAT Senior Citizens Association will play an important role in the lives of this segment of the society that would lead them to enjoy the quality of life with dignity.

Islamic tenets ask for taking care and maintenance of parents and other older people, and it is apparent to the youngsters that they should be respectful towards their parents.

In today’s era, families are more inclined to adopt nuclear families. Consequently, the lives of senior citizens are traumatized by this emerging trend. Working children do not have much time to look after their older parents, consequently they suffer from loneliness at home. Due to some personal issues in their marital life the new generation opts to send their elders to senior citizens or old age homes.


To improve the quality of life of senior citizens, rebuild their own lives, restoring within them a sense of self-worth and confidence.


To provide shelter, friendly environment, quality of life, sense of identity, physical and emotional support, improve the quality of life by providing them medicines, establish their social links with the community and best possible care to all residents at all the time.


Accommodation, Nutritious Meal, Hygienic Environment, Medical Care, Caregivers, Leisure Activities


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